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Looking for a New Organizing Tool to Help With Your Job Hunt?

To end the week, I thought I’d share some information from my friend and Professional Organizer and Coach, Lauren Davidson. She recently blogged about an online organizing tool called

Lauren says:

This thing can prioritize, it can sort, it can synch with Outlook, Google calendar. You can SEND IT new items using JOTT or even JITTER (and a few more). Get this: you can format the lists to print out such that you can fold them into a little book.

The best part is it’s EASY to use and EASY to maintain. Dare I say, it’s FUN to use? This is THE software I recommend for setting goals and tracking progress. Talk about no more excuses! I haven’t been so excited about a productivity tool since I met and fell in love with my Blackberry Pearl.

That’s pretty high praise from a productivity expert! So, if you’re having a hard time keeping your “to do” list together to get your job search in order, check out Maybe it’s just what you need to get you started – or to keep you on the right path.

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