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No Time! (Like the Present)

I recently attended a networking event with other business owners. Typically, I pitch Keppie Careers and let everyone know that I write resumes and how I can help those seeking jobs gain clarity and confidence about the job search process.

In addition, to take my own advice to always let networking contacts know how I can help THEM (networking should always be a two-way street), I mention that I am very involved in social networking, blogging and Twitter and that I’m happy to talk about and ways to grow a business using online tools.

When I share this information, inevitably, someone comes up to me to inquire about the TIME it takes to get involved in social networking. Yes, there is a time commitment. Yes, it is worth it!

The same advice applies to job seekers as entrepreneurs:

There are many ways to invest in your career. Investing time to discover and use the most effective online resources is key to success. Once you determine the right tools for you, you want to optimize those tools and leverage them to help you achieve your goals. Writing a half-baked linkedin profile with typos isn’t going to get you far, but putting together a top-notch summary of your skills and accomplishments has the potential to really propel your search to the next level!

Let Keppie Careers help you with your job hunt. Need a great resume? A top-of-the-line linkedin profile? We can help!

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