Cover Letter Follow-Up

To conclude this week’s posts about cover letters, a few points about following up…

What About Follow Up?
Follow up of your letters is essential! The success of your job search will be directly related to how well you do this. Employers simply do not have enough time to respond to every letter they receive. Consider preparing a script to help you make your calls. Try to make your calls between Tuesday and Thursday and either first thing in the morning (8:30-9:00) or at the end of the day (4:30-5:00). These are times you will catch more people at their desks.

Try to avoid leaving a message on an answering machine if possible. If you do not leave a message, you have the option of calling a few more times and thereby keeping the “ball” in your court. However, if you call at various times and never reach a person, leave a message with your name, that you are following up on correspondence, request a return call, and leave contact information. If you do not hear from them within a week, try again. Your persistence should pay off.

If you do not have any luck reaching someone via the telephone, it is not a bad idea to touch base via email. Explain that you are following up regarding applying for a position and that you will continue to try to reach them by phone.

Be persistent without harassing the recipient and you will make an impact.

Keppie Careers is here to guide you in your job hunt:

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