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Cover Letter Inspiration…So Be It!

Are you suffering writer’s block when it comes to your cover letters?

Your first inspiration should come directly from the job description. This is your best source of information about what the employer is seeking. In addition, be sure to visit their website and take advantage of any information that helps connect you to the organization. Finally, if you have been networking well, you may have personal information directly from employees of the targeted company. USE IT to help you draw the lines between what you offer and what they want.

How Can You Describe Your Qualifications and Strengths?

Resources that might be helpful include:

  1. Phrases from prior performance appraisals, letters of commendation and letters of recommendation.
  2. Current and past job descriptions and standards of performance that clearly express job expectations and responsibilities.
  3. Desirable characteristics and requested skills for similar advertised jobs.
  4. Newspaper editorials and business sections to help write paragraphs about your industry, occupation or the economy.

More Tips to Make My Cover Letters Effective

  • Keep a copy of every letter you send as part of your job search file. Besides providing you with a record of your search, you can use portions of these letters in future ones.
  • To be efficient, develop two or three basic paragraphs and modify them slightly to personalize each letter.

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