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Another Reason Not to Spend A Lot of Time on Job Boards

Have you been spending a lot of your job search time online, looking for job postings and applying for opportunities listed on large job boards? Do you ever believe that your application is going straight into a black hole?

I discourage my clients from spending very much time replying to online job boards. Some recruiters post jobs they may not be filling immediately (or ever), and applications actually may be going into resume limbo.

While there are people who land jobs from sending an online resume, the majority of successful job seekers find opportunities via networking.

Another important point to remember: Organizations like to hire people who AREN’T looking for a job! How ironic is that? Passive job seekers are desirable for the same reason that some people like to date a partner who is “hard to get.” Obviously, posting on a job board isn’t a great way to attract passive job hunters! I’ve written about how linkedin is filling this need for a passive job seeker database for many employers. Some expect it to replace big job boards such as “Monster.”

Yesterday, I read compelling information from Alison Doyle, who just celebrated 10 years of writing the Job Search blog for Alison reported that job posting online is declining. She points out that the Conference Board notes that is is the fourth consecutive month of year-over-year decline.

Alison says:

Monster’s job postings were down 18% in April and 21% in May. Overall, The Conference Board reported that online job postings dropped 13% in May.

Some of it is, of course, due to the difficult economy and less hiring in a soft job market.

That’s only part of what’s happening. There is also a trend towards actively recruiting candidates on professional networking sites like LinkedIn. Which is why it’s important to make sure employers can find you when you’re job searching.

(Regular readers know that I love to link to other experts who agree with my advice!)

Keep this in mind the next time you sit down to apply for 100 jobs online – employers are shifting their focus, and so should you! This is yet another reason to enhance your linkedin profile. You don’t want a typo or sub-par linkedin description to discourage potential employers from contacting you. Keywords are just as important to your linkedin summary as in your resume! Keppie Careers is happy to help enhance your profile for success….Just email your inquiry to:

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