Don’t Try to Grow a Bigger Ox and Your Job Hunt

Musk Ox of Alaska

photo by drurydrama

So, you’re wondering what a bigger ox has to do with your job hunt?

Today’s post was inspired by a quote from Peter Shankman, author, PR guru and owner of the list “Help A Reporter Out.” Today, his email reads:

In pioneer days, they used oxen for pulling, and when one ox couldn’t budge a log, they didn’t try and grow a bigger ox.” Peter says, “When one pitch doesn’t work, sending six more of the exact same pitches usually won’t, either.”

Peter’s focus is PR – pitching stories to reporters or other influencers in hopes of achieving good buzz for a client or product. I’ve often written about how a job search is an exercise in marketing and PR, so the jump from a focus on a “pitch” to thinking about your job hunt is more of a hop than a leap.

If you’ve been sending out your “pitch/resume” and haven’t been getting the response you’d like, consider if your plan is as effective as trying to grow a bigger ox. Sending and re-sending that same resume is not going to help you get anywhere but frustrated. Most likely, a revision (maybe a transformation) is in order!

Throw in some great networking and interviewing tips, and you’re on the right path.

Keppie Careers can help you get your job search moving!


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