Heating Up Your Network for Job Seeking Success

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How about heating up your network on the beach? Maybe your surfing buddies (or suntanning crew) can connect you to your next best career move. Networking and personal referrals will help you win jobs. You don’t have a crew? Here’s where to unearth your network…

Your network is everyone you know (and everyone they know). Make a list. Include friends, relatives, neighbors, acquaintances and current and past business associates. Start inviting people to join you for coffee. Ask them to tell you about themselves and their jobs. At every meeting, ask for a suggestion of someone else to meet. Do not limit yourself to people who think will help you. Have an open mind and meet with those you DO NOT think will help!

Create a profile on linkedin.com. Use the free tools offered to find people you know and ask to link with them. Tell everyone you know about linkedin and ask them to sign up. To really expand your network, connect with a LION (Linkedin Open Networker.) Use linkedin to help you identify people to contact for informational meetings.

Research organizations in your area that may have opportunities for you. Seek informational meetings with people in those organizations. NOT HR people – those who actually do the type of work you would like to do.

Remember that networking is about building relationships. Consider what YOU can do for others. How can you help them? If you take a sincere interest in giving rather than taking, your network will grow organically.

Keppie Careers will teach you how to network. We’ll also write your resume, teach you interviewing and other job seeking skills and assist you every step of the way! www.keppiecareers.com.


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