Elevator Pitch – Micro Tips

I’ve written before about the elevator pitch – your value proposition or a personal infomercial. This pitch is a brief introduction to you with a focus on what you have to offer your target audience. I’ve offered tips about writing a succinct pitch that is useful and to the point.

Recently, I presented on this topic to a group of women considering making changes in their lives and careers. In my presentation, I suggested an elevator pitch of 35 words or less.

Today, I noticed that Netshare Inc’s blog focuses on the “micro pitch,” which is an “escalator” pitch that is complete in 140 characters, the number allowed on Twitter. The key is to “get to the point.”

Since not everyone will need to condense a pitch to 20 words or less, I’m suggesting thinking of the answer to the question, “What do you do?” in 35 words or less.

Answer these questions in your pitch:

  • What do you do? What do you offer? What makes you special and unique? (Relative to the person you’re meeting.)
  • What is your goal/objective? What do you WANT to do?
  • What impact do you have? What results do you create?
  • How do you create positive results?

Use this template. Note that the information doesn’t need to be in this exact order (see sample):

I work with (target audience) to (situation/solve what problem_). This is how (results/impact).

Here’s a sample pitch for Keppie Careers:
I encourage, enlighten and empower job seekers for success by writing top-notch resumes and providing a toolbox of practical tips and advice to help them overcome obstacles and approach job searches with clarity and confidence. (35 words)

Do you think you can narrow down your value and explain it in 35 words or less? I’d love to know your pitch. Add yours to the comments for the chance to win a 30-minute free career coaching session with me!

Keppie Careers will help with every stage of your job hunt: www.keppiecareers.com.


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