Why Hire a Career Coach?

As college graduation season wraps up soon, it seemed like as good a time as any to remind everyone why hiring a career coach can be the difference between getting the job and NOT even getting an interview. ..

Would you pull your own tooth? Wire your own home for electricity? Do you cut your own hair? Most would say “no.” If it is important (involving our health, safety or appearance), we hire an expert.

The same principle should apply when job seeking. Your career is one of your most crucial financial investments. Whether you are actively engaged in a search, underemployed or unhappily employed, it makes sense to consult an expert as you embark on your search for a new job.

Most people don’t welcome the idea of a job hunt. It is hard work and may seem scary. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an experienced ally who will help you every step of the way? Keppie Careers’ mission is to encourage, enlighten and empower job seekers and provide a toolbox of practical tips and support. When we work together, you will overcome obstacles keeping you from making positive changes in your life. We offer confidence, clarity and job search know-how!

Career coaches add value on a number of fronts. Keppie Careers can help you with any of the following:

Goals assessment. Are you at a transitional point in your career? You aren’t sure what your next step should be? Keppie Careers can help you identify what you want next and get you on the right path to achieving your goals.

Critique and rewrite your resume and letters. Do you really want to face the job market with documents that are not optimized? Often, job seekers don’t view their resumes objectively. Misplaced modesty prevents them from incorporating their very best accomplishments. Ignorance of the resume’s purpose (it’s a sales document, not a laundry list of things you did) precludes them from producing a top-notch result.

Many job seekers don’t stop to consider how much money a less-than-optimal resume costs them. Consider, if you are unemployed, how much money you lose for every day that you are out of work? If your resume isn’t top-notch, you may not appear qualified for the salary that you seek or deserve. A professionally written resume will help shorten your job search and may qualify you for a higher salary. Your return on investment in yourself may pay off substantially!

Learn how to sell yourself. You must identify and be able to effectively describe your skills and accomplishments. Keppie Careers not only writes your resume, but helps you recognize your marketable skills. Once you know what you have to offer, your ability to sell yourself via networking and in interviews increases exponentially!

General job search skills. Do you know how to look for a job? How savvy is your networking plan? Do you know where hiring managers are sourcing candidates? Do you know how to avoid common pitfalls? Keppie Careers does!

Interview preparation. Tell us about yourself? What’s your weakness? What do you have to offer? Why should we hire you? Do you know the answers to these and other important interview questions? More importantly, do you know how to structure and deliver your answers to ensure optimal results? If not, you may be wasting your time. We all know that “time is money.”

Negotiating. Entering an interview or negotiation unprepared will cost you. Keppie Careers can help you prepare so you don’t lose money.

Career market knowledge. We spend our time keeping up with the market. We learn about new technology and approaches and stay plugged in because you don’t have the time, expertise or desire to do it. Helping people along their career path is our passion.

Do you want to achieve your career goals and save money? Hire an ally for your job hunt. An ally tells it like it is and helps you get where you need to be. Are you committed to discovering what you have to offer an employer? If you are motivated to make a change, Keppie Careers is here for you!

Visit us online for free advice and information about our services:
www.keppiecareers.com. Have questions? Email us at: results@keppiecareers.com.


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