Nostalgia Leads to Networking

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve noticed a pattern to this week’s posts. I’m feeling kind of nostalgic…remembering my college days, which makes me think back to high school.

My family moved away from my home town in the suburbs of Chicago when I went to college. Moving so far away, it was hard to keep in touch with any but my very closest friends from that time. (I know this probably seems a foreign concept to students today, but this was before social networking and Web 2.0. Think actually PAYING for long distance calls – made while tethered to a phone with a cord – and needing to mail letters!)

This nostalgia led to a little flurry of activity in my FaceBook account, which leads to me today’s post. Randomly (it seems), I’ve all of the sudden been compelled to spend time “friending” neighbors from my home town, classmates and even more distant aquaintances from high school. (Being more of a linkedin kind of gal, I admit to not spending a lot of time pursuing FaceBook connections in the past.)

We exchange a note, maybe post something on our “walls,” view photos…There’s no long-term investment of time or energy to touch base, and it is comforting to know that maybe I won’t lose track of these old friends again.

I like that this group of people who share a bond with me, albeit distant, is out there. I know that I’d be happy to help or support any of them if I could, and I think they would do the same for me.


No, these weren’t my classmates, but it is my high school!

Luckily, I am not in this flurry of networking activity because I “need” something from any of these contacts. (It’s really more of a nostalgia thing.)…Which leads me to connect this post to a relevant career topic!

With prices going up and salaries going down (and some jobs becoming fewer and further between)….

NOW is the time to enhance, re-build or create your network.

Networking is about relationships…Most of us have relationships that we’ve let fall by the wayside. Maybe a little revival isn’t a bad idea.

Using social networks – which may or may not lead to offline meetings – there’s no specific time committment, no small talk (really), no “what do I wear to go to that event.” Reaching out is as easy as a click of the mouse, some exchanged emails and touching base once in a while. FaceBook gives you everyone in your networks’ birthdate – consider sending a note to remember their special day.

Baby steps to online networking are okay – find some “friends,” see if there may be some potential revived relationships and nurture them.

Stay tuned for more on FaceBook for job hunting…

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