Dilbert Goes “2.0” the People

Photo by Fcobos

I thought I’d start out the week
with a fun post:

Jobacle shared the news that Dilbert creator, Scott Adams, is taking Dilbert to the people!

Individuals and groups will be able to “mash up” Adams’ popular cartoon.

Jobacle describes the three choices readers will have:

Punch line: fans can rewrite the final frame of a daily strip.

My Dilbert (coming in May): fans will be able to rewrite the entire strip.

Group Mash (coming in May): fans will be able to rewrite one panel, with the ability to share with other users and have them write the rest. Scott Adams will participate by authoring random frames with his audience and looking to see whether strips can be developed successfully by groups.

Details at http://www.dilbert.com

Sounds like a lot of fun, but be careful where you post your masterpieces!

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