Thinking of Adding Linkedin Link to Your Resume?

Have you considered adding a hotlink to your linkedin profile on your resume or other job-search correspondence?  If so, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure your linkedin and your resume match up 100%.  Sometimes, since it’s “just linkedin,” jobseekers are not as careful about dates and details as they would be on a resume.  You don’t want any discrepancies to raise red flags.
  • Spend as much time making your linkedin profile perfect as you do your resume.  Neither  should have typos or careless errors.
  • Enhance your linkedin profile.  Be sure to optimize your linkedin materials, as many recruiters source from that pool.
  • Be aware that potential employers will use linkedin resources to find out about you.  Granted, this is true whether or not you offer the link, but if you have a profile and offer the link, be sure you don’t mind people following up with common connections without your knowledge.
  • Be careful about what information you make public.  For example, if you’ve asked a lot of questions about job hunting, you may not want to make your list of questions public on your linkedin profile.

If you have a strong linkedin profile, solid connections to colleagues and employers and have spent time enhancing your linkedin image, you will be prepared to use linkedin as a job-hunting tool.


Keppie Careers will help you with your linkedin profile, your resume and coach you through every step of your job hunt.



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