Don’t Rely on Job Sites as the Cure-All for Your Search

The Wall Street Journal’s Career Journal reports that:

Visits to job sites during the first four weeks of 2008 rose about 22% compared to the same period in 2007, according to a new report from Hitwise, a market-research firm.

Beware of being sucked in to a false sense of security when you apply to jobs on these sites.  You may think that if you apply to 100 positions, you are bound to hear something!

Job boards have a role in your job search, but only if you leverage your time and don’t rely on them too much.  I suggest spending no more than 10-15% of your job search efforts seeking and applying to positions on mega-boards.


Be aware that not every posting on these job boards actually represents a specific position.  For example, some recruiters post seeking a bank of resumes for a position they may (or may not) recruit in the future. 

Of course, every sought after job will receive a tremendous response.  Between sheer volume and job postings that don’t represent actual jobs, it’s no wonder that many people feel as if they are sending their resume into the great black hole when they use these sites.

Another problem with applying for jobs in great numbers is that resumes and applications are not targeted to the employer.  Why would someone want to hire you if you don’t make a case explaining how you are perfect for their job? 

A better use of your time?  NETWORKING!  I’ve written so much about the value of networking and how to do it…See the Networking category at the right for a full update!

Keppie Careers will write your resume, teach you job search strategies and prepare you for your next big career step!


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