Networking is About Relationships

If you’ve read anything I’ve written about networking (click on categories at the right and Networking to catch up), you know that I’m a big fan!

Today’s post is a reminder that networking isn’t about a meeting, it’s about a relationship.  If you flit from one networking contact to another without bothering to follow up with anyone, you will not reap the benefits of networking.

If you are trying to network with HR professionals or hiring managers, you are less likely to be successful with your networking.  Plan to meet and connect with people who are in the job you’d like to have and those who are a step or two above you.  Give them a reason to be interested in you!  Share information.  Ask about them and their career paths.  Ask about their company and its goals and methods.  The goal is to make contacts who may later suggest your name when an opening comes up, not to send your resume to a lot of people.

If you are sitting home, zapping resumes to this posting and that posting, you are not likely to have much luck.  Weave your career net instead of constantly casting off in search of a hit.  You’ll be better off.

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