Networking Strategies – What is an Informational Interview?

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One of the best networking strategies is to conduct many informational interviews. 

What is an informational interview?
This is just is a fancy way of saying a meeting with someone who may be able to share insights or information with you that could help in your job search.

  • You seek out the contact and issue an invitation to meet.
  • You conduct the interview.  You ask the questions to help you learn about your potential career or organization.
  • You decide what you need to know and tap the hidden job market.
  • You draw conclusions.
  • This is NOT a job interview. 

Why do informational interviews?
Informational interviews are the best ways for you to learn about an organization and/or gain insight and expertise from a professional whose opinion you value.  Other benefits include:

  • Everyone you meet becomes a  member of your network.
  • Your job prospects multiply exponentially!
  • You may discover jobs that are not publicly advertised.
  • If you endear yourself to someone, they are likely to think of you if a job becomes available.  People like to help others, especially if they had a good connection.  The more strong connections you make, the more friends you have in your field.

Stay tuned for more about informational interviews!
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