What NOT to Wear to the Interview (or Job)

In an article from the Wall Street Journal Online, Tassels, Pantsuits and Other Interview Fashion Faux-Pas, writer Christina Brinkley uncovers what might be some surprising news about dressing for interviews.

We have all heard that we should dress conservatively for an interview.  Scuffed shoes, dangling jewelry, too-tight attire – all to be avoided.  Some may be surprised to learn from the article that at least one relatively young (35) manager won’t hire a woman who wears a pantsuit to the interview.  Others in the article suggest that light colored suits on women are less intimidating than dark suits and therefore a better choice.  (This issue is a topic for another blog!)

Some interviewers evaluate candidates based on how their haircut is tapered, how the inside of their car is organized or the color of their socks. 

This information demonstrates an all encompassing point about the job search.  Especially  in a tight job market, everything is a matter of scrutiny.  Before you even get to the interview, employers have potentially vetted you online by checking social networks and Googling your name.  Your resume may have been scanned for key words and scoured for skills and accomplishments.  You need to know who you are, but also how other people perceive you.

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keppiecareers.com – We advise, encourage, enlighten!


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