Baby Boomers Retire – Possible Impact for the Rest of Us!

An article in the January 14th issue of The Wall Street Journal suggested that companies prepare for looming baby boomer retirements by, among other things, offering flexible work schedules in an effort to retain older employees and avoid a worker shortfall.

The AARP’s website reports that by 2014, 32% of the U.S. workforce will be 50 or older.  They note that, as numbers of younger workers decline, companies who want to maintain their competitive edge will seek to attract and retain experienced workers.   

The impact of this potential trend may be felt by a variety of job seekers.  Parents of young children who want flexible schedules may benefit.  Experienced workers who opted out of the paid workforce for a variety of reasons (raising children, caring for relatives) may find companies more interested in their experience and less worried about a gap in continuous paid work.

AARP lists companies that value the mature worker.  If you are a job seeker who might benefit from an organization that values experience and may offer flexibility, this could be a valuable resource.

It will be interesting to track how companies react to predicted trends.   Informed job seekers will be prepared to take advantage of developments as they come!


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