New Year’s Networking

2007 draws quickly to a close.  Keppie Careers hopes that a job search and a new career are in your plans for 2008! 

Many new job seekers or people who haven’t looked for a job in a long time may not know about the “Hidden Job Market.”  Sounds sinister, but all it really means is that most (70 – 80% or more!) of jobs aren’t actually filled with people applying to a job posting or announcement; they are filled via personal connections.

Since 70-80% is a huge number of jobs, it’s a good idea to get on this networking bandwagon!  Networking is a huge topic, and I have tons to say on the subject, but since we are coming up on a holiday, let’s leave it at this:

You will probably be out and about this week celebrating the New Year and potentially meeting new people.  Take the opportunity to think about how you can work your career plans and goals into the festive conversations you’ll have. 

How can you introduce yourself with an eye toward seeing if there is a potential career link with your new acquaintance?  Ask someone about their New Year’s Resolution, and then tell them yours:

You hope to use your skills and experiences in _____________ to move into a position doing ______________.  

If they are interested in your field or know something about it, they may ask you for more details.  Consider pre-planning a  a 30-second infomercial for yourself!   What do you have to offer? 

You never know where you’ll meet the professional connection that will link you to a new opportunity.

Stay tuned for more on the crucial topic of networking!  Happy New Year!



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