Being Consistent

As you continue to assess your resume in preparation for “A New Career for a New Year,” a word on consistency.  (If you’ve missed previous posts, be sure to scroll down to read up on how to target your resume, and for tips on producing error-free job search documents.)

One of my pet resume peeves is inconsistent formatting.  For example, if you have several short-term positions, you list dates as December 2007, Dec. 2007 and 12/07.  There are many opportunities for your resume to miss the mark on consistency. 

If you are bolding your organization titles, bold ALL of them.  Verbs should be in the past tense unless you currently work at the position.  All of your descriptions should follow the same format.  For example:

Organization Name                                                       Chicago, IL
Job Title                                                                           2002 – present

ALL position descriptions should use the same abbreviated format for states.  Your next job in South Carolina shouldn’t be listed S. Carolina or South Carolina, but as the abbreviated SC.  All future references to “present” in dates should have a lower-case “p.”  (For example, if you list a current organizational affiliation.)

These points may seem insignificant, but wouldn’t it be ironic to be touting your meticulous, detail oriented abilities in your resume, while your resume demonstrates something less than meticulous?

With employers and agencies receiving so many applicants for each position, every little bit helps.  Pay attention to how your resume looks and reads.  Dot your “i”s and cross your “t”s.  At least you’ll know that you weren’t passed over for a silly error.

Stay tuned for more tips for creating attractive and easy-to-read resumes!


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